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With a wine-making tradition more than a century old, Suisun Valley is a little known corner of Solano County that has gained recognition as one of the premier grape-growing regions of California. Separated from Napa Valley on the west by a mall range of low hills, the similar climates, soils and geography of these valleys are some of the best in the State for growing grapes. For this reason, Suisun Valley and neighboring Green Valley, with Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties are joined under the North Coast Appellation, an officially recognized wine district famed worldwide for quality wines

Several large wineries and vineyards sprang up in Green Valley in the 1860s, but phylloxera epidemics in the 1870s, and the 1919 enactment of Prohibition devastated the local grape industry. Yet new vineyards and wineries sprang up in adjacent Suisun Valley with the prosperity that followed the end of World War II, and more came with the "wine boom" of the 1960s.

Over the years there has been recognition that the Mediterranean climate, fertile soils, and sunny hillsides of Suisun Valley and Green Valley result in high-quality grapes. Today, these valleys boast several family-run wineries and vineyards, which with new vineyard locations, different variaties of grapes, specialized growing techniques, and skilled winemaking are poised for even greater success and recognition in the future.




Wooden Valley Winery
(Lanza Family Winery)
4756 Suisun Valley Road
Suisun, CA 94585
(707) 864-0730
  • Tasting Room:
    (no charge)
Mario Lanza joined Wooden Valley Winery as a partner shortly after its founding in 1932 and took over full ownership in 1955. After three generations, the Lanza family still owns the winery, and Mario's descendants continue a tradition of fine wine making today using grapes from their own vineyard as well as grapes from other vineyards in the Suisun Valley. They continue to win gold medals with their estate-bottled Merlot wines.

Ledgewood Creek Winery
4589 Abernathy Road
Suisun, CA 94534
(707) 426-4424
  • Tasting Room:
    (no charge)
Dean and Bunny Frisbie bought a pear orchard in Suisun Valley in 1985, and learning that the Valley climate is perfect for growing several grape varieties, they replaced their orchard with Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Rhône Valley grape vines. After selling their grapes to various Napa and Sonoma wineries, they felt it was time to make their own wine, so they started Ledgewood Creek Winery, and named it after the creek that meanders along the northern border of their estate, and hired Larry Langbehn, an experienced winemaker in Northern California. Their 2001 harvest led to Ledgewood Creek's first release.

Vezér Family Vineyard
and Blue Victorian Winery
2522 Suite V Mankas Corner Rd.
Suisun, CA 94585
(888) 823-VINE
  • Tasting Room:
    (Tasting Fee)
Frank and Liz Vezér in 2001 decided to establish their own wines and produced their first vintage of Zinfandel in the year 2003. They practice the 1938 approach to their wine making, which was born with Frank Vezér’s father, Frank Vezér II, which consists of balancing opposing elements to create wines that are dynamic, complex, and embody classical ideals.



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Suisun Valley Wine Cooperative
4495 Suisun Valley Rd
Suisun Valley, CA 94534
Phone: (707) 864-3135
Mankas Hills Vineyards
1793 Rockville Rd
Fairfield, CA, 94534
(707) 864-2299
Tenbrink Family Vineyards
4185 Chadbourne Road
Suisun Valley, CA 94534
(707) 438-7887
Winterhawk Wines
4537 Abernathy Road
Suisun Valley, CA 94534
(707) 427-0455




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