* Genealogy of the Loney Family *
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  1. John Loney (1842-1914) was born July 23, 1842 in Ontario, Canada and came to the United States, where he married Josephine Burrell (1852-1912) on July 30, 1870 in the town of Napa, California. He and Josephine settled in the Gordon Valley, probably about this time, most likely purchasing the land from the Gordon family, who became their neighbors. John died Oct. 5, 1913 and is buried with wife Josephine in the Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.

    children - LONEY

    Maria (Mollie) Loney (1872-1921)
    Thomas Hugh Loney (1876-1934), who who follows:
    Ida Loney (1879-1934)
    Charlotte Loney (1882-1901)
    Alice Loney (1885-1953)
    Edith Lorraine Loney (1888-1963)
    James C. Loney (1890-1911)


  2. Thomas Hugh Loney (1876-1934), the son of John Loney and Josephine Burrel, was born Feb. 23, 1876; and married Loleta Gordon (1877-1963) on Nov. 14, 1900 in Suisun, California. Loleta was the daughter of William Henry Gordon, Jr. (1833-1912), who owned the neighboring ranch and was one of the pioneer settlers of Gordon Valley. Thomas died on Oct. 2, 1934 in Napa County, most likely at his ranch on Gordon Valley Road, and is buried with wife Loleta in the Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.

    children - LONEY

    Clyde Eugene Loney (1905-1993) married Ruby Virginia Gein (1912-2012), and they lived for 47 years at their orchard and vineyard near Mancas Corner on Gordon Valley Road in Solano County. Both are buried at Fairmont Memorial Park in Fairfield, California. They had two children, Loretta Lavonne Loney (1930-1985) and Clyde Loney, Jr. (b. 1933).
    Gordon Wesley Loney (1907-1993), who follows:
    Thomas Hugh Loney (1914-1992)


  3. Gordon Wesley Loney (1907-1993), the son of Thomas Hugh Loney and Loleta Gordon, was born July 17, 1907. He married Shirley Jarrett (1903-1988), her second marriage, in 1921. Shirley previously had been married to Willard Stewart Bourne (1893-1988). Gordon had no children of his own, but he adopted Betty Bourne, the natural daughter of his wife Shirley from her first marriage. Gordon died on Jan. 25, 1993 in Suisun City, and is buried next to Shirley in the Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.

    children - BOURNE (Shirley Jarrett and Willard Scott Bourne)

    Betty Bourne was born on Aug. 20, 1921 in Siskiyu County to Shirley Jarrett and Willard Scott Bourne, and adopted by her stepfather Gordon Loney. Please see the Bourne Family Genealogy for more information on Betty's ancestry.




* Genealogy of the Gordon Family *
(version 8/11/2015)
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  1. William Henry Gordon, Sr. (1801-1876) was born on Sept. 16, 1801 in Adams County, Ohio - one of five children born to John Gordon (1758-1732), who had fought in the American Revolution. William came in 1823 to Taos, New Mexico, before it was annexed by the United States, became a Mexican citizen, converted to the Catholic faith, and married on June 27, 1826 Juana (Juanita) Maria Lucero, who is also known as Mary Jane Lucero. He spent the next several years as a fur trapper, making the acquaintance of Kit Carson, William Wolfskill and others who had trapped as far west as California, and brought back tales of their travels. Ultimately, Gordon, Juana, their children, and Juana's 11-year old sister Rufino Lucero left Taos on Sept 6, 1841 with a wagon train led by John Rowland and William Workman, bound for Los Angeles, California via the "Old Spanish Trail".

    William upon arriving in Los Angeles made friends with the Mexican General Mariano Vallejo, the Commandante General of Alta California. Vallejo enticed Gordon to resettle at Cache Creek in a remote area of the northern San Joaquin Valley, in the fall of 1842 by making William the "Director of Colonization of the Northern District", and providing him with two square leagues (8,894 acres) of land, which became known as the Quesesoni Grant. This made the Gordons the first white settlers in what is now Yolo County. Gordon's Quesesoni Ranch in 1843-46 was a well-known rendeveous for trappers and hunters, and is mentioned almost as often in periodicals of the day as Sutters Fort and Sonoma. Juana died at this homestead on March 22, 1844, becoming the first of the family to be buried in the family cemetery on the north bank of Cache Creek.

    Tensions between American settlers in California and the Mexican government came to a head in June 1846 when a posse of about 20 riders arrived at Gordon's Cache Creek homestead on their way to arrest Gordon's friend General Vallejo at his home in Sonoma, just over the hills to the west of Cache Creek. Gordon fed them, provided them with fresh mounts, and sent his sons Thomas and John along with the riders to insure that Vallejo and his family met no harm. Vallejo's subsequent arrest on June 14 marks the start of the Bear Flag Revolt, wherein California became independant from Mexican rule.

    William, who by now was known to most as "Uncle Billie", married his second wife Elizabeth Corum (neé Alexander) on June 16, 1856 in Sonoma County, California, afterwhich he moved in 1866 with Elizabeth and her son Charles Corum to Gordon Springs, which is in the Cobb Valley at the foot of Boggs Mountain in Lake County, California. William is said to have had somewhere around Boggs Mountain a quicksilver claim called the Gordon Springs Mine that he kept secret from his family. Descendants of his stepson Charles (modern-day members of the Anderson family) still live in the area.

    William died on Oct. 3, 1876 at Cobb, and some rumors put his burial place at the foot of Windy Mill Road on the east side of Boggs Mountain. However, there is a headstone for him in the Gordon Cemetery, which is a private family cemetery that is located in a somewhat remote area of farm fields on the north bank of Cache Creek in Yolo County, more or less in between Esparto and the Watts-Woodland Airport. It is not known, and probably never will be known, where his final resting place is, and the family may very well have erected the headstone at Cache Creek as a cenotaph over an empty grave.

    children - GORDON (with Juana Lucero)

    Jose Thomas Gordon (1827-1854) is buried in the Gordon Family Cemetery.
    Juande (John) Jesus Gordon (1829-1908) was born in Taos, settled with his father at Cache Creek, and married first Rebecca Potter in 1851, then Mary Rhodes in 1864. He had at least six children. He died at his home near Guinda in 1908 and is buried in the Gordon Family Cemetery
    Maria Isabella (Belle) Gordon (1831-1890) as a girl of about 15 married Nathan Coombs (1825-1877) at Sutters Fort on June 13, 1844, John Sutter himself conducting the ceremony. Her husband Nathan is best known as the founder of town of Napa, which he laid out in 1848 on land he had purchased from General Vallejo's brother Salavador three years earlier. Nathan also partnered with his father-in-law William Gordon in 1851 to purchase the Chimiles Rancho (El Rancho de las Putas) from the Berryessa family, and he served in the State legislature. Belle and Nathan divorced about 1876, afterwhich she married her second husband Charles Plass (b. c.1847), who was 15 years her junior, and moved to Cobb Valley, near her father. Belle died in Napa on May 1, 1890 and is buried with her first husband in the Coombs Mausoleum in Tulocay Cemetery. Charles Plass remained in Napa after her death, and was still alive when his brother Phillip, a Civil War veteran, died in 1920. As Phillip is buried in Tulocay Cemetery, Charles is probably buried there too.
    William Henry Gordon, Jr. (1833-1912), who follows:
    Jose (Joseph) Manuel Gordon (1835-1912) married Ruth Ann Glasscock and died in Yolo County, where he is buried as Joseph in the Gordon Family Cemetery.
    Jose Ricardo Gordon (b. 1840) must have died young and been buried in Taos as there is no further mention of him, and he is not buried in the Gordon Family Cemetery.
    Sarah Gordon (1838-1868) married a man named Ingraham, whom one source names as Oran Ingraham (c. c.183) Sarah died in Gordon Valley in 1868, probably at or near the home of her brother William, and she is buried in the Gordon Family Cemetery in Yolo County with her son Charles (1855-1875).
    Ann Gordon (1838-1913) may have been a twin of Sarah, as there is some confusion between the women. Both she and her sister are buried in the Gordon family cemetery, where they are identified as separate individuals.
    Margaret Gordon (1841-1882) married Robert Edward Tutt (1838-1913), with whom she had several children, most of who were born in Cottonwood, a former settlement near Madison in Yolo County. She is buried in the Gordon Family Cemetery with five of her children, four of whom predeceased her. Her husband lies in the Capay Cemetery in Esparto.

    children - GORDON (with Elizabeth Corum)

    Robert Gordon (1858-1865) died as a child and is buried in the Gordon Family Cemetery.

    children - LUCERO (from Juana Lucero's family)

    Rufina Lucero (1830-1908), the younger sister of William Gordon's first wife Juana, became a member of the Gordon family with William's marriage to Juana. Rufina came as an 11-year old in 1841 with the Gordons to California, and eventually married Cyrus Alexander (1805-1872), a trapper Gordon knew from Taos, who obtained the Rancho Soyotome land grant in the Russian River Valley and after whom the Alexander Valley in Sonoma Couty is named. Both Rufina and her husband are buried in the Alexander Family Cemetery in Healdsburg, California.

    children - CORUM (from Elizabeth Corum's family)

    Charles Alexander Corum (1849-1910), the stepson of William Henry Gordon, was the son of William's second wife Elizabeth Alexander (1816-1895), from her marriage to her first husband Harrison Corum (1814-1892), whom she must have divorced before she met William Gordon. This Charles, in turn, had a daughter named Lovina Corum (1876-1946), who married Arthur Anderson (1846-1944), a local rancher. The modern Anderson family of the Cobb Mountain-Gordon Springs area are Arthur and Lovina's descendants.


  2. William Henry Gordon, Jr. (1833-1912), the son of William Henry Gordon and Juana Maria Lucero, was born on Feb. 27, 1833 in Taos, New Mexico, when it was still part of Mexico, and baptized there on Sept. 27. He came to California as a boy with his parents in 1841, and settled with them at Cache Creek in Yolo County. He married Julia Etta Chapman (1841-1925) on June 19, 1860 in Napa County and for the next two years farmed at Cache Creek. Then in 1862, he acquired from his father 1200 acres in the Gordon Valley of Napa County, which the elder William and Nathan Coombs originally purchased from the Berryessa brothers (Chimiles land grant) a decade earlier. The younger William farmed these 1200 acres for the rest of his life, and died there on Nov. 5, 1912. He is buried with wife Julia and all of his children in Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California, just a few miles down the road from the Gordon Ranch.

    children - GORDON

    Frances Cephronia (Sophrania) Gordon (1863-1897) married William A. Clark (1851-1908). Both are buried in Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.
    George Edwin Gordon (1864-1943) married Clara Estelle Leonard (1866-1946) and had a son Nile Chester Gordon (1895-1953). George, Clara and Nile are all buried in Rockville Cemeterey.
    Frank Leslie Gordon I (1867-1955), who follows:
    William Henry Gordon III (1872-1936) married Rosalie Chapman (1879-1965). Both William and Rosalie are buried in Rockville, Cemetery.
    Loleta Gordon (1877-1963) was born Jan 10, 1877 in Napa County, California, probably on the Gordon Ranch. She married Thomas Hugh Loney on Nov. 14, 1900 in Suisun City, California; and died March 13, 1963 in the town of Napa. For her children with Thomas, please see the Loney Genealogy. Both Loleta and Thomas are buried in the Rockville Cemetery.


  3. Frank Leslie Gordon I (1867-1955), the son of William Henry Gordon and Julia Etta Chapman, was born on June 11, 1867 at The Gordon Ranch in the Gordon Valley, Napa County, California. He married first Jennie E. Suggs (1875-1894) on Nov. 8, 1893 in Suisun Valley; and took Alice Antoinette Gosling (1874-1955) for his second wife on Oct. 30, 1898 in the Berryessa Valley. Frank in 1932 sought both the Republican and Democrat nominations for California State Senator, and ultimately served from 1933 to 1949 as the Senator for the 11th District (Napa County). He died on Jan. 31, 1955 and is buried with both wives in Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.

    children - GORDON

    Frank Lelsie Gordon II (1901-1982), who follows:
    Walter Windiate Gordon Gordon (1903-1971).


  4. Frank Leslie Gordon II (1901-1982), the son of Frank Leslie Gordon I and Alice Annette Gosling, was born on March 7, 1901 at the Gordon Ranch in Gordon Valley, Napa County, California. He married Gwendolyn Elizabeth Wilson (1903-1976) on Feb. 14, 1924 in Fairfield, California. He died on Feb. 4, 1982 in Fairfield, and is buried in the Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California.

    children - GORDON

    Mildred Etta Gordon (1925-1976) was born on Oct 2, 1925 in Gordon Valley, Napa County, California, and married Richard Lambert Macy (1925-1994). Their descendants still live in a house that Mildred and Richard built in 1954 on the old Gordon Ranch. Mildred is buried in Rockville Cemetery in Solano County, California. Richard married his second wife Patricia Adele Green on Jan. 2, 1980 in Carson City, Nevada. Patricia's son Scott, from her first marriage, helps Don Gordon to run the old Gordon Ranch.

    Charlotte Elizabeth Gordon (b. 1926) was born on Sept. 12, 1926 in Napa County, California. She married Jamie Arnold Panton (1921-2008), who is buried at Rockville Cemetery.

    Frank Lelsie Gordon III (1937-2004) was born on April 2, 1937 in Napa County, California. He graduated from the University of California at Davis, and worked for many years for the Napa Valley Register newspaper. He never married, nor had children, and died on Feb. 16, 2004 in Napa County. He is buried in Rockville Cemetery.

    Donald Walter Gordon (b. 1942) was born on May 21, 1942 in Solano County. He married his first wife Patricia Louise Baines (b. May 5, 1943) on Feb. 10, 1963 in San Joaquin County, and they divorced on March 27, 1980 in Solano County. He then married his second wife Christin M. Wright (b. c.1953) on May 22, 1982 in Solano County. Don still owns the old Gordon Ranch, which today is primarily a vineyard.




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